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You are welcome on the web-site of Rivne Regional State Administration!

Welcome to Rivne region!
Rivnenshchyna… Polissia….
This is the territory situated in the north-west Ukraine. It is a land of forests, lakes and swamps. It is a land of unique plants and incredibly beautiful landscapes, ancient cities and routes connecting West and East. You are invited to enjoy fascinating journeys following Polissian mysterious lakes, “Sokolyni hory” (“Falcon Mountains”), rapid rivers, pine forests, ancient castles and modern architecture.
Rivnenshchyna is the land that shows respect to ancestors, treasures memory of the past and takes a glance into tomorrow.
You can choose a wonder of Rivne Oblast whatever you like but the only thing you can be sure of is that wherever you choose, get ready for unforgettable expressions, sincere hospitality and inimitable colour of antiquity.


Welcome on the web-site of Rivne Regional State Administration





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